Starting with HouseinHand 2.0

1. Install

Get your Houseinhand 2.0 either from Apple Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).



2. Configuration

Current configuration is directly upgraded into the new ‘.hcf’ file format.

*Old ‘.cfg’ and ‘.hih’ files are stored in the ‘Old’ folder.



3. Register

Visit and create a new account with your information.

After, on the Houseinhand App, enter your username and password in the Account section.



4. Upgrade ready!

Houseinhand 2.0 is fully functional! (For license information, please visit the License section).



With HouseinHand 2.0 you have new features. Check the list below:



  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • New layout of the interface.
  • Tablet interface supports now portrait orientation.
  • New devices and more options for existing ones.
  • Possibility to import existing ones.
  • Possibility to import existing projects (file .cfg), only for iOS.
  • You can switch between settings, control, and scenes using gestures.
  • Settings are now integrated inside the App.
  • You can put pictures as icon stay directly within smartphone and tablet.
  • You can rename stays and devices, within the App.
  • Ability to find and save KNX / IP router (and gateway) IP address within the App.
  • Improved stability and overall performance of the App.
  • New Designer (programming tool to make the configuration) with more options, always available in
  • Possibility of 2 levels of organization: area, room (and device).
  • It supports multiple installations. It is possible to change configuration file directly within the App. It is not required anymore to close the App from multitasking bar not using iTunes or similar.
  • The connection settings can be configured from the Designer as well as from the own App.
  • More icons (stays and devices).

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